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Sequoyah Contest Winners!

The following students read at least 3 of the Sequoyah nominated books for this school year.

The 8th grade won the Sequoyah Smackdown Contest this year! Students had to read 3 or more Sequoyah books to qualify and the grade with the most students won the trophy. Summer Johnson read the most with 6 books. This is the 8th grade’s second win in a row.

6th Grade

4 books

  • Gabby Dover
  • Parker Ireland
  • Mattie Pitman
  • Quinten Murry
  • Brody Haraway

3 books

  • Samuel Hensley
  • Chris Pantle

7th Grade

4 books

  • Alexia Allison

3 books

  • Hunter Rouse

8th Grade

6 books

  • Summer Johnson

5 books

  • Gage Finnerty

3 books

  • Brianna Martinez
  • Carter Stewart
  • Gabby Farmer
  • Jake Bearden
  • Cole Rogers
  • Gavin Williams
  • Adde Glass
  • Sophia Hensley
  • Boone Fletcher
  • Payton Weaver
  • Kiley Adams
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