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Do you have your life planned ahead you so you dont get stuck in all the knooks and crannys that has ever excisted?

Apply at ICTC, their school has multiple carrers, join and start work right away. There is a job for you here, you can do it as a hobby if you want to make money on the side. You may have to attend high school but here you want to come;

There are many things there that include:

Automotive, Buisness, Construction, Biomed, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts,Graphic Comunications, Information Technology, Pre-enginering, Health Science, and Building & Grounds.


When you graduate/finnish at ICTC you don’t get minimum wages you make up to $15.00 and hour working. Jobs will pay you over a grand a week of work.

You can work 3 months and making money and take 3 months off, wanna know why? You already have the money to support you and your family, you also can work at a part time job while your off your main job making some side money.

APPLY TODAY:  The counlser in your school can help you today.



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